About Robbie Reynolds Photography

About Robbie Reynolds Photography


Established in 2002, Robbie Reynolds has been a leader in the creation of some of the most successful image driven campaigns in Ireland. 

Robbie, a three times award winning member of the Press Photographers Association of Ireland (PPAI) and former President of the PPAI has over 20 years of experience with a reputation for creativity and excellence.


Based in Dublin, he has worked both here and abroad for newspapers, magazines, advertising and public relations agencies and Irish government bodies, delivering the highest quality images in some of the world’s most difficult environments and time constraints.

Robbie, a well-respected photographer by picture editors in all Irish daily and weekend newspaper’s, prides himself by calling these media people working colleagues. He has one of the finest reputations in the Irish photographic industry by maintaining a close professional and friendly relationship with all his clients.

As we all know, there is nothing worse than an uploaded poorly lit or framed image to social media from a client’s event taken with a tablet or smartphone…

From camera to the client, now with the advance in photographic technology, Robbie provides a new service where an image can be transmitted to a client’s tablet, laptop or phone in real-time enabling the client to upload the professionally captured image to their social media platforms. With on-site picture editing and syndication and the flexibility of a portable studio, Robbie offers a comprehensive range of services to cover all photographic needs. His mission is to deliver a creative and efficient photographic service that meets the client’s objectives, using the latest technology and his experience in the industry.



Public Relations - from concept to conclusion Robbie works with clients to visually maximize their event / launch and make it a successful campaign.


Portraiture / Feature - Weather in an office, hotel or home, Robbie spends time capturing you or your client's personality in the best possible light.  

Robbie's aim is to leave you feeling satisfied with the photographic experience.


Corporate  - A positive photographic presence and identification is a key ingredient of success in today's economy. Robbie believes that a good image can create value and customer loyalty. 

Robbie's goal is to merge his creativity with your business expertise to obtain a successful result. 


Commercial - Robbie's experience combines advertising, marketing and studio expertise. He manages all areas of photographic production from annual report, catalogue to website imagery. Robbie strives to capture the unique spirit of your product or business.

Weddings - Apart from my usual daily work in Ireland as a corporate, public relations photographer, I’ve always enjoyed shooting weddings! The excitement of the day can never be matched in a commercial photographic environment. I love the fun and the drama that every wedding brings. Every wedding is different, never two the same. When it comes to the happy couple, the location, the lighting, the weather and most importantly the people who come together make the day unforgettable. Not fully knowing what’s going to be captured by the end of the day is all the fun!