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.CARLSBERG CAT NABBERS NEEDED TO FIND THE COMEDIANS' LOST CARLSBERG 'CATS'. .Pictured here today, Sunday 9th May 2010: model Pippa O'Connor with the Carlsberg Cats! Pippa was the last person to have seen the Cats earlier today as they have now gone missing. Pic Robbie Reynolds CPR..The distraught owners of these Carlsberg Cats are three of Ireland's leading comedians, Jason Byrne, PJ Gallagher and Karl Spain and they have started a nationwide search to find their cats in time for the Carlsberg Cat Laughs. . .Comedy fans aged over 18 who join the Carlsberg Comedy Cat Nabbers, will have the chance to meet the comedians face to face to reunite them with their Carlsberg Comedy 'Cats' at the Carlsberg Cat Laughs comedy festival in Kilkenny.. .Jason Byrne's Carlsberg Comedy Cat 'Casper' is lost somewhere in Dublin, whilst PJ Gallagher believes 'Tom' is hiding in Cork and Karl Spain thinks 'Eric' is missing in the South East. FM104, Red FM, and Beat 102FM are supporting the comedians in their search by giving out clues to the possible locations of the comedians' 'cats' from Monday 10th May. The comedians themselves are keeping a video diary and providing additional clues on the Carlsberg Comedy Cat Nabbers Facebook page  . The Carlsberg Comedy 'Cats' are GPS tagged so comedy fans can track them on the Facebook page and also via the Carlsberg Cat Nav iphone App, which is available from 10th May. . .The 16th annual Carlsberg Cat Laughs Festival will run for five days over the Bank holiday weekend Thursday 3 - Monday 7 June, showcasing 49 artists in 60 shows across 16 venues.   With more than 20,000 tickets available, there will be a vast selection for new and seasoned comedy fans alike!  For full details on the lineup, tickets and venue information visit www.carlsbergcatlaughs  .  Tickets are on sale now!.