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Taking a second look at Road Safety…<br />
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Twin sisters, Faye (left) and Eve Quinlan, age 9, pupils of St Louis Senior Primary School, Rathmines, Dublin pictured with School Wardens, Twin sisters, Linda and Sharon Ryan at the launch of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána Back to School road safety campaign. The Minister of Transport as announced of a doubling of fines for key road traffic offences which are putting drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists at most risk of death on the roads. Amongst the updated penalties is a fine increase that will apply to drivers who don’t adhere or listen to school traffic wardens as they carry out their duties. The fine is due to double, an increase from €80 to €160. At the event the RSA will also launch its interactive Virtual Learning Platform for road safety education. The Virtual Learning Platform was developed by the RSA’s Nationwide Road Safety Education Service as an interactive 3D virtual space that provides a fun, safe learning environment for road safety education in the classroom and at home. Pic. Robbie Reynolds